Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cheesy Garlic Ranch Potatoes

These are some of our favorites as far as potatoes. I get so tired of Potatoes and Gravy so this is a good way to mix it up a little bit. I don't really have exact measurements since you do sort of make as many as needed but this is just the directions....

So boil your potatoes so they are soft enough to mash them. So put in your butter and instead of milk use Ranch Dressing to thin them down (Do not use a bottle of ranch though it won't taste good) I always used the BYU creamery Ranch. It seems to have the best flavor but if that is not available then use another restaurant style ranch. I buy a thing of it from the salad bar at our grocery store here in Texas since we don't have creamery around. Anyway, while mixing put a bunch of shredded mild cheddar cheese in it too (make sure to put it in while it is hot or it won't melt). I always add a little bit of garlic salt w/parsley in it as well for a little extra flavor. So mix these to the consistency that you like your potatoes and enjoy. NO GRAVY NEEDED

These go awesome with prime rib, steaks, ham or especially the Marinated Shredded ham that i have posted on the website.

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